Dress Like a Man

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7 reviews for Dress Like a Man

  1. Tony

    Awesome reference for mens style, whether you’re just starting out or have been doing this for a while. Very well put together. Thanks Tanner!

  2. John R

    Developing a sense of style is damned confusing endeavour as the Modern era is such a hodge-podge melding of past & future fashion, cultural influences, that it can be very difficult to nail down a sense of self, an identity, in a wardrobe that one would call your own. This is where Tanner’s decade of expertise fits in perfectly. “Dress Like A Man” sums up the necessary tools, tips, tricks, in & outs it takes to help you develop your own “eye for style” so to speak. It is the blueprint that walks one through building confidence in dressing with intention, not merely copying good looking men at the office or in magazines. Like finding a barber who teaches you how to style your own hair in the morning, Tanner’s thorough, yet simple, instructions help you learn the foundational principles to dress the way you want to: that flatters your body type & your budget. Become your own style icon, Dress Like A Man.

  3. Josh

    So you realized you need to up your style? This is the book for you. Even if you just need a refresher, it will help you feel more confident in knowing why your dressing how you are.

  4. Jonathan C

    This is a very comprehensive guide. It covers a lot of very useful information on how to apply style rules and concepts to your specific body type, what works with your face shape and skin tones. Tanner did a great job putting this detailed guide together. There is useful information here for everyone.

  5. David

    Tanner goes over the basics of improving your style, and more importantly, make the improvements your own. Starting with the why of improving your look, he moves on to the how, and then provides a list of what you can buy, using what you have learned. It is an effective introduction to men’s style, and has enough information to carry a beginner through the basics and towards developing their own individual style, while respecting who they are and how they identify.

  6. Ryan W.

    Very straight-forward guide for people at any level of their style journey. Does a great job allowing for personal choices to match one’s personality/archetype. Thanks Tanner!

  7. Christian McQueen

    Dress Like A Man is the comprehensive authority on helping men find their style potential. Whether you’re completely lost on what to wear to your brother’s wedding in Ohio, or you’re already a stylish man who summers in the French Riviera, you’ll find world-class content inside this system that will elevate your look.

    Excellent job Tanner and gentlemen, if you’re serious about conquering this aspect of your life, then do not hesitate; it’ll be the only style system you’ll ever need in your life.

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