You put clothing on your body every day. And every day the things you wear send out signals - both to yourself and the world around you.

Do those signals make your life more difficult? Do they get in the way of your success? Do they not have any impact at all? Or do they contribute towards your goals and the man you know you are capable of being?


The Experience

Masculine Style Academy is a game-changing approach for men created to improve your relationship with your style. This means you’ll have the most successful strategies and approaches to master when you take the five day, on-site program.

Benefitting from my years of research and experimentation, you’ll improve your skills faster and more effectively than you could imagine. You will develop a philosophy of style that can transform your life. You’ll master this philosophy in a practical, immersive residential program with real-life experiences and applications.

Imagine looking like a million bucks and feeling that way every day for the rest of your life. To do this you need to change the way you think about and interact with your clothes. That’s where I come in.

From your body to your beliefs to your personal taste, you will explore every facet of your life – then adjust, adapt and transform your style so you can create an authentic and powerful image – and you’ll have the support of me and your peers the whole time.

You will experience how powerful that shift can be.

And you will see that power in your life every single day


How It Works

What You'll Get as a Masculine Style Academy Student


This is why you’ll complete a unique 5-day live program. As part of an immersive experience, you will stay on-site for five days, learn side-by-side with other guys, and work directly with me and other instructors. Living and studying on-site creates an phenomenal environment of constant self-improvement. Over the five days with me, your appearance will become truly excellent.

But here's the best part. You’re not here to invent the ‘new’ you or dress the way I tell you – you’re here to bring out the real you. You already have everything you need to be successful. What you need is a system that will draw it out of you – and teach you how to demonstrate it masterfully to the world.

The transformation begins immediately. Immersive exercises led directly by me will rewrite your relationship with clothing, grooming, appearance, and style – then amplify it all with a mindset, skill set and the tools to look like the best version of yourself.

While here, you will meet and learn with other incredible men who all share the same goal as you - excellence. That built-in system of support magnifies the value of your experience and last for years after your week together.

Foundations of Success

Throughout the week, you'll learn the all-important BATTLE plan, which will help you develop an ability to dress well whenever, wherever, and with whomever you need to.

That plan, along with a full kit of tools and approaches, helps remove the friction all men experience while improving their appearance.

You'll recognize this friction, then remove it by developing a keen understanding of yourself and those around you.

Only with this self-awareness will you be able to dress in a way that always contributes towards your broader goals, leads to better self perception, and improves your relationships with those who matter to you.

Not Just Information - Transformation

Dressing well is a fundamental skill. It's a method of communication that is just as important as your body language, posture, tone of voice, and the words you speak. Because of this, it can and does impact you everywhere - at work, in a bar, on a date, or even just with your friends or family. That's why you'll focus on the philosophy and principles of style and not just how to wear a suit.

You'll be able to tell a story through your clothing and learn to understand the stories others tell about themselves. It will help you to more effectively command a room, develop confidence and influence wherever you are, and present yourself as the man you know you're capable of being.

This Isn't Dressing Up, It's Dressing Authentically

As a man, you need to be the best version of yourself in every facet of your life - it's what's expected of us and what we expect of ourselves.

And if the best version of you isn't someone who wears a suit every day - then don't wear a suit every day. This week is not about a one-size-fits all, prescriptive formula to get you looking like a cookie-cutter version of every other stereotypical successful man out there.

It's about pulling out your internal value, influence, and authenticity, and learning how to show that to the rest of the world through the clothing you put on your body.

Lifetime Friends & a System of Support

At Masculine Style, true transformation never happens alone. You need a group of like-minded men — guys who really have your back—to inspire and motivate you.

That’s why this experience is limited to very small groups of students

During the program, you'll share insights and ideas, give and get feedback, learn to recognize similarities and differences, and work together to put the things you learn into practice.

Collaboration is one of the most rewarding components of the Masculine Style experience. It’s also a unique benefit of the on-site program.

It’s no surprise, then, that lifelong friendships will be born here. Many of your classmates will remain close and continue their friendships for years after the program.

Preparation & Follow Through

Finally, I'm obsessed with making you great. To that end, I include detailed preparation, and personalized follow-up coaching to make sure you get not only get the most out of the experience, but reap the benefits forever.

First, we'll have some one-on-one time, over the phone, to discuss your goals, desires, and questions before you even walk through the door. We'll also do a closet evaluation in which I'll be able to help you find the gaps in your wardrobe and even pack for your week with me.

You'll also receive access to the MSA Alumni Network, which connects you with all the other men who have been through the same program.

That's how I help you see real results. The program is tailored to fit your personal needs and designed to help you dress effectively for the rest of your life - regardless of what changes you may experience. Your education doesn't end when the week is over, it's just started.



  • Systems

    The ability to know how to dress effectively whenever you want to

  • Experience

    You’ll be applying these principles each day of the program and every day thereafter

  • Authenticity

    No longer will you look average or like a fake. You’ll dress like both the man you are and the man you aspire to be

  • Self Awareness

    You’ll know what strengths and weaknesses lie in your body, your self perception, and your goals and how you can use your clothing to improve

  • An Improved Look

    We’ll fit you for a custom suit, have a barber cut your hair, and add a few more key pieces to your wardrobe

  • A Stronger Presence

    People will be drawn to you – they’ll see you as more authoritative, likable, and trustworthy



Dressing Better Improves Every Aspect Of Your Life


  • Career & Professional Life

    • Convey authority, respectability, and trustworthiness
    • Make a strong impression in interviews and at networking events
    • Separate yourself from the pack and stand out positively
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the subtle signals and expectations of your chosen field
  • Dating & Relationships

    • Simultaneously build attraction, mystery, and comfort
    • Create your own personal brand
    • Demonstrate respectability, ambition, and confidence
    • Accurately reflect the caliber of man you are on the inside
  • Personal & Family

    • Be and show the real, authentic you every day
    • See a confident, successful man staring back from the mirror
    • Create a vision of what the best version of yourself looks like
    • Pass this power on to your children, partner, friends, and family


See What Others Have to Say

Previous & Current Clients

The Coach the Other Experts Turn To


Am I just paying to learn or will I be getting any clothing?

As part of your experience, your purchase does get you some clothing. The largest and most valuable piece being a custom suit from Beckett & Robb. One of their team will be on staff to take measurements and work through design options with you and the suit will be delivered a few weeks after the program.

You will also receive other articles of clothing and grooming products to help you expand your wardrobe.

Can I really learn all I need in only five days?


First, Masculine Style focuses on the key principles, philosophies, and strategies of dressing better. This isn't about telling you which shoes to wear this summer or why that article of clothing will always be on trend.  You will learn about and experience real and measurable transformation that changes your life across the board.

Second, no one teaches about style like I do. My material – developed through years of real-world experience – is the most effective and helpful style approach around. The live, immersive training method guarantees that you will apply the curriculum immediately in your life, generating real and observable results.

I also cap the program to a very small number of students. This personalized attention creates an environment of non-stop learning directly with me. You’ll stay in facility in which we'll be learning, work closely with me and the other students, complete your program prep and follow up, and connect with the Masculine Style alumni who become your built-in support group that will inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Finally, we cultivate a very special culture at Masculine Style that nurtures growth, learning, friendship, and fun. I thoroughly and genuinely love helping my students transform, and the students who join our program find themselvesimproving in the company of like-minded people. 

I already have a pretty good sense of style and get a lot of compliments on my clothes. What will I get from Masculine Style?

Awesome! That means you have a great foundation for me to work with. The experience you bring to Masculine Style is important.

Many of my students are already stylish and dress intentionally. By joining the program you'll be able to take that established foundation and expand on it even more. There's always more to learn, more to improve, and more to accomplish. And, because your life is always evolving and changing, knowing these core principles means you won't outgrow your stylishness.  I can take you from wherever you are now – at any skill level – to levels you never imagined.

How much does it cost?

Prices depend on a few variables like payment method, if you need a payment plan, military service, and demand. Because these factors can vary from student to student, it makes the most sense to go over pricing with you on the phone.

What kind of guy enrolls in the Masculine Style Academy?

Honestly, any man who understands or wants to understand the power of clothing.

My students have come from all over the world and from all walks of life. I've worked with men who are married, single, fathers, entrepreneurs, special forces, mechanics, college students, programmers, and poker players. Because my program focuses on the principles of style it is applicable to all men and a whole range of them enroll.

This makes the on-site experience even more fun and dynamic.  You will bond deeply during the program, and many end up with lifelong friendships. In addition to becoming a more effective person, you’ll also meet a great group of people from all walks of life.