Conquer Mediocrity, Kill Complacency, Feel Better About Yourself, and Show Up Better to the Rest of the World by Learning How to Dress Intentionally!

If you’ve decided you’re sick of not dressing like the man you know you are, that you’re tired of people not taking you seriously before you even have the chance to open your mouth, that you’re done dressing like an overgrown child, this program is for you.

It’s called,

I know it can sound "hypey" or like clickbait when I tell you that you can overcome complacency and mediocrity by dressing better, but I really mean it.

I know from my own experience and from the thousands of men I've helped that dressing intentionally can improve the way you see yourself and how you show up to rest of the world!

Here's what's inside...

  • Appearance & Masculinity

    Help developing the proper mindset in regards to how you view your clothing and appearance.

  • The Staples

    35 items you should have in your closet, recommendations on where to get them, and tips on how to wear them well.

  • The Science of Style

    A breakdown on the objective variables of style – things like contrast, color, pattern, fit, face shape, and more.

  • Style as Storytelling

    The four universal stories men have always cared about, historical examples of how those stories have been told via clothing, and tips on how to do the same with your own style


The Objective Aspect of Style

Like any other art form, dressing intentionally is largely personal and subjective.

This is why styles change from decade to decade, country to country, and culture to culture.

That said, there are some universal components of dressing intentionally that can be applied regardless of where, when, or with whom you live.

Knowing these aspects of what makes you look great (or awful) and then applying them to the personal manifestation of your style is exactly what's necessary to look your best.

A sculptor needs to understand the nature of marble.

A painter must know how watercolors work.

A pianist learns the music theory.

And you need to have the Science of Style

Full Section Contents

What's inside the Science of Style.

  • Contrast
  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Fit - Pants
  • Fit - Shirts
  • Fit - Suits
  • Accessories

The Staples - 35 items that make a complete wardrobe

  • Where to Buy Them

    Links to purchase each Staple in three different price tiers. From $ to $$$!

  • How to Wear Them

    Recommendations for how to wear each item – whether you want to dress it up down.

  • Learn the Origins

    Know the history of each item and why it has become a timeless piece associated with masculinity.

  • Archetype Positioning

    Prioritization so you know which items to purchase first, based on your Style Archetype


See what men just like you have to say about the Staples

If you’re looking for a guide to help you find your own individual style, ‘The Staples’ is a great place to start. It showcases classic masculine pieces you should have in your wardrobe and gives insight on how to personalize each item to highlight the features you want to accentuate. Tanner illuminates the subtleties of each item detailing why it is a must have and important considerations when purchasing for yourself to ensure a great fit for your body.

We’ve all heard clothes make the man, but it’s important to understand how to wear clothes with confidence and pride. In this guide, Tanner goes beyond the generic prescriptions of fashion trends and infuses the “cool” of clothing as well. It is filled with tips on how items are best worn and includes visually stimulating and descriptive photos.

The main takeaway is to dress deliberately. After perusing this guide you will gain a better understanding of how to enhance your appearance and feel good about looking good.

- Raymael

The Staples is the reference book to get you to know most of the essentials of a man’s wardrobe. Why?

In one side you have the condensed information of what you need to know about the item in question and in the other you can see a professional picture of how it affects the look. That way, you can get a mental image and learn the impact and overall look you’re working into with that piece of clothing or accessory.
The key takeaways give you concise information about what to avoid and how to play it safe, and combined with the picture you get the necessary info about picking a piece of cloth you’ll feel comfortable and good-looking in it.

I’ve read and purchased other books but they’re mostly aimed at older gentlemen, but Tanner’ Staples works for guys in any age, even if you don’t need a suit for work or don’t like it for some reason (who doesn’t???). You can choose a nice pair of chukkas, a jeans/chinos and a v-neck sweater/shirt and blazer and you’ll know you are dressed like a man, not a clown.

The ebook itself it’s very clean presented with no unnecessary clutter. It’s great to have in your iPad when you are looking for inspiration in front of your wardrobe.

Overall, It’s a very good purchase with great potential to shape your fashion life around.

- Carlos

Imagine this...


What if there were a way to help you determine how you want to look and develop a sense of style that was entirely consistent with who you currently are AND who you aspire to become?

No more cookie cutter advice. No more getting bogged down by the details of the hobbyists. No more focusing on trends. Just a simple approach that perfectly balances the need for efficiency with the desire to keep style as something personal.


A Completely Unique Approach to Style

This course moves beyond simple lists of clothing you should have in your closet and instead, teaches you how men throughout history and across cultures have used their clothing to signal their worth, accomplish their goals, and identify their tribes.

Not Just a History Lesson

But it doesn't stop there. The course breaks down the main messages men communicate through clothing and then teaches you how to do the same for yourself.

Style & Substance

Not for beginners. This course is designed for men who know a thing or two about style, but don't really know how to take their game to the next level. It makes you think about your clothing in a way you never have before and helps you curate a sense of style that leads to a fuller, happier, more complete life.

Full Section Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of the Style as Storytelling section.

  • What's Your Story?
  • Tribe
  • The Way of Men
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Mastery
  • Honor

Looking for off-the-rack style advice? You won't find that here. Tanner is not only interested in helping men dress better, he's focused on helping men BE better. Style as Storytelling sets you up with the proper mindset to understand the power of clothing, and the vision you need to create a wardrobe that best suits you.

Barron Cuadro
Barron Cuadro The Effortless Gent

Tanner focuses on the ‘why’ behind personal style. The thing is, learning how to dress well takes a lot of time and effort, and if you don’t have a strong ‘why’, you won’t have enough stamina to learn everything you need to know (and to experiment and make mistakes and keep trying, day after day). As a full-time style blogger, I consider myself pretty well-versed when it comes to menswear and style, but I picked up some crucial insights from this course. I especially enjoyed the section about antipathy and affinity. If you’re familiar with Tanner’s three style archetypes, and you find them useful, this guide is for you.

Brock McGoff
Brock McGoff The Modest Man

If you want to radically overhaul the way you approach your personal style, Style as Storyingtelling is a great place to start. Above all, this course helps reinforce that often overlooked truth: style is by no means just a surface-level thing. And “fixing your style” isn’t just a matter of throwing on a trendy shirt or expensive pair of jeans—it starts with understanding the deeper issues and intentions behind your approach.

Throughout the course, Tanner serves up style wisdom and observations on human nature with his signature approach—no punches pulled. Tanner is like that wiser, older brother giving you the tough-love advice you may not feel ready to hear, but you know you need to hear.

Rather than being stuffed with frivolous recommendations on specific wardrobe items, this course gives you core principles that will fundamentally change the way you think about dressing and how you present yourself to the world.

Kyle Ingham
Kyle Ingham The Distilled Man



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