Build a Minimal, Versatile, Timeless, and Masculine Wardrobe!

By having these 30 items in your closet you'll never be underdressed or outdressed.

If you’ve decided you’re sick of not dressing like the man you know you are, that you’re tired of people not taking you seriously before you even have the chance to open your mouth, that you’re done dressing like an overgrown child, this guide is for you.

It’s called,

A word of warning

It’s for newbies and mid-tier dressers – those who are either brand new to the game or know a thing or two, but want some help really dialing in their style (seasoned startorialists may see a thing or two they can improve on, but it’s not written for them).

To help you decide if you want it or not, here’s what you can expect inside.

  • Where to Buy Them

    Links to purchase each Staple in three different price tiers. From $ to $$$!

  • How to Wear Them

    Recommendations for how to wear each item – whether you want to dress it up down.

  • Learn the Origins

    Know the history of each item and why it has become a timeless piece associated with masculinity.

  • Archetype Positioning

    Prioritization so you know which items to purchase first, based on your Style Archetype

See what men just like you have to say about the Staples

If you’re looking for a guide to help you find your own individual style, ‘The Staples’ is a great place to start. It showcases classic masculine pieces you should have in your wardrobe and gives insight on how to personalize each item to highlight the features you want to accentuate. Tanner illuminates the subtleties of each item detailing why it is a must have and important considerations when purchasing for yourself to ensure a great fit for your body.

We’ve all heard clothes make the man, but it’s important to understand how to wear clothes with confidence and pride. In this guide, Tanner goes beyond the generic prescriptions of fashion trends and infuses the “cool” of clothing as well. It is filled with tips on how items are best worn and includes visually stimulating and descriptive photos.

The main takeaway is to dress deliberately. After perusing this guide you will gain a better understanding of how to enhance your appearance and feel good about looking good.

- Raymael

The Staples is the reference book to get you to know most of the essentials of a man’s wardrobe. Why?

In one side you have the condensed information of what you need to know about the item in question and in the other you can see a professional picture of how it affects the look. That way, you can get a mental image and learn the impact and overall look you’re working into with that piece of clothing or accessory.
The key takeaways give you concise information about what to avoid and how to play it safe, and combined with the picture you get the necessary info about picking a piece of cloth you’ll feel comfortable and good-looking in it.

I’ve read and purchased other books but they’re mostly aimed at older gentlemen, but Tanner’ Staples works for guys in any age, even if you don’t need a suit for work or don’t like it for some reason (who doesn’t???). You can choose a nice pair of chukkas, a jeans/chinos and a v-neck sweater/shirt and blazer and you’ll know you are dressed like a man, not a clown.

The ebook itself it’s very clean presented with no unnecessary clutter. It’s great to have in your iPad when you are looking for inspiration in front of your wardrobe.

Overall, It’s a very good purchase with great potential to shape your fashion life around.

- Carlos

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