Quick Start Guide

By signing up to be a part of the Odysseus Undertaking, you've made a decision that has the potential to change your entire life?

Why am I just saying, "has the potential" as opposed to, "absolutely will?"

Because it's entirely up to you. The knowledge, camaraderie, and motivation you'll receive from the undertaking mean absolutely nothing if you're unable or unwilling to execute.

If you dive in heart and soul, you'll see incredibly results and you'll see them quickly. If you don't commit to the work or only go at it half-heartedly, you'll get nothing out of it. It's your decision and you have to commit RIGHT NOW if you're really going to see any benefits from this.

I have a feeling you'll be a participant though, not just a spectator in the stands. You wouldn't be this far in if you weren't serious about improving yourself and building the kind of Presence you know shapes worlds. You're sick of mediocrity, cynicism, and scarcity - ready to be excellent, sincere, and generous.

I'm proud to have you as part of the Undertaking and am looking forward to the challenges we'll conquer together!


21-Day Challenges: It takes 21 days for a deliberate action to become a habit. During Phase One of your time in the Undertaking you will be given four key challenges that will set the foundation for success. You will be expected to report completion of your challenge each day to your Trireme.

Daily Lessons: Six days a week you will receive a new lesson. They will provide the knowledge necessary to help cultivate the proper mindset and support your growth. Each lesson shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to read. You will never receive an assignment on a Sunday as a weekly period of rest is crucial in maintaining motivation and sanity.

Trireme: A trireme was a Greek warship that consisted of both sails and oars - meaning it required both intelligence and strength to move and maneuver.

Facebook Group:

Boules: A boule was a council session by the governing bodies of Greece. At times they were advisory councils to the king, at others it was a way for heads of different families to meet and discuss plans, and others still involved different levels of planning.

Every other Thursday at 8:00 AM MST we host our own version of the Boule in which we discuss your progress together using Zoom (video conference software). You are expected to attend as often as you can and view any missed sessions in our Google Drive Folder

Feedback and Counsel: This is not a monarchy. You are part of a team and no one man is more important than any other in the Undertaking. If you have suggestions or ideas on ways we can improve, it is your responsibility to share them. As much as can reasonably be expected, we will do our best to implement these changes for the improvement of the Undertaking.